Mystic Fluid

« Follow the flow »

In the depths of this mystical blue a flow of luminous colors flows smoothly. 

Created with the energy of the new moon in Aquarius. 

Aquarius is an air sign that releases energies and brings a feeling of freedom and renewal. It awakens our creativity and initiates new possibilities thanks to its innovative and expansive energy.

This painting is perfect for an office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Preferably have it near a light source (window or lamp) to bring out its shiny colors.

À disposer de préférence proche d’une source de lumière (fenêtre ou éclairage) pour faire ressortir ses couleurs nacrées. 




The edges of the painting are painted so no need to frame it.
This painting is signed and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Colors: Dark blue, white, grey, silver 
Série : Symbiosis

Acrylic paint – Coton canvas
Size: 40x50cm
Vibration rate : 10 000 UB (unit Bovis)
Created: 11/02/2021

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