L’Oeil d’Horus

Persevere, « perce et tu verras » in French means : keep it going and you will see

This painting was made with the intention of finding your way, your life path.

An unexpected shape, very similar to the Eye of Horus, appeared right at its center during its creation. Wonderful surprise!

This very powerful work offers protection and luck throughout your life path.

Like an amulet, this painting will radiate and diffuse its vibration. 

Perfect for an office, meeting room, living room, etc.

In transliteration of the hieroglyphic writing, irt means "eye" and wḏ indicates either the verb meaning "to preserve" or the name "protection". Irt oudjat, or more commonly oudjat, in transcription therefore means “preserved eye”, the Eye of Horus in this case.



The edges of the painting are painted so no need to frame it.
This painting is signed and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Colors: Black, white, gray, orange, bronze

The black background is textured, it has an aged leather effect.

Serie : Way of Light

Acrylic paint – Coton canvas
Size: 60x80cm
Vibration rate : 16 000 UB (unit Bovis)
Created: 31/01/2021

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